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From Season to Season

What a SEASON! After finishing my Pepperdine season and being named the WCC player of the year and earned my second All-American recognition, I jumped right into the professional tour, the AVP! Not every tournament was golden, but I am learning from each time in the sand to bring improvement to myself and my game. With that said, this season had some amazing highlights that have me fired up for 2019!!!

On the AVP, I earned my best finish yet at 5th Place in the Manhattan Beach Open Gold Series; one game away from Championship Sunday! This tournament we fought hard all the way through the qualifier into FOUR matches on Saturday. My partner (Kim Smith) and I, had practiced only twice before starting the tournament and had an immediate understanding of what would be "our game." All the experience of mixing through with other players in college was paying off to connect with new partners on the beach in such short notice. Fun note, we both qualified in San Francisco with our partners before, who were also playing together this tournament. We went on to play in Chicago, straight into the main draw and were the only team to take a set off of April and Alix, who went undefeated to win the tournament. It was such a blessing to end my AVP season with such an amazing player and person!!

Kim and I taking 5th Place

After the AVP season wrapped up, I was invited to play in the newly emerging p1440 tournaments. Here I earned a 9th place at the inaugural event, and a 5th place in the second event in Huntington with a stud, Carly Wopat!

On the international tour, the FIVB, we made our way to a 9th place finish in Zhongwei, China! This tournament had lots of learning and growing for me that give me take-aways to this day! Not only in the playing, but learning from the people around me and remembering to have fun in every place I travel to, like riding camels in the desert! Not to mention our flight got canceled, thus canceling our whole itinerary home. ✌ Luckly, we got to a new flight and figured out our travel with 5 minutes to board!

All this experience is prepping me for even bigger goals and traveling in 2019. To name a few, Cambodia, China, Australia and more!

This off-season, I will be focusing on my NUTRITION! This is such an important part of being an athlete and I am excited to dive in and find what works for me. As some of you may know this is a place I have TONS of room for improvement in and I feel it will increase my ability to recover as well as my performance!

Stay tuned for more nutrition health hacks, or follow along on Instagram!

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